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September 2015


Friday, September 18th

Hay Crop

Second cutting is in and it looks pretty good. We had a tough time getting in that second cutting on time before the rain came, but so far all is good. It's baled, stacked and waiting on winter. We are still using the first cutting hoping it stretches through into winter. Saving the good stuff for last as they say. We would like to see a third cutting but if we happen to get one it will be light ... I will be excited to see 200 bales come out of the field. Second cutting just took to long in the year...not to mention 1st cutting took forever with all the rain.

Let me end on a good note...and say ALL IS WELL!
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Monday, July 27th

2015 New Website

Here is it....brand new and mobile responsive for 2015. I hope you enjoy it...as much as I did building it.
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Friday, March 22nd

Three Horses Moved Out!

On a good note three horses have managed to leave Hugs this past month. They are enjoying their new home in Howell Michigan. We wish them and their family good health and hope they all get what they want from each other.

Things are starting to look a little sloppy around here these days. The way the snow comes and goes. The horses are chopping up the grounds early. Making a lot of mud and it isn’t even rainy season yet. Yahoo we have so much to look forward too. At one point the ground was so soft boots got sucked off one of the volunteers ‘foot. Nothing really unusual in that we go through muddy season every year. I just wish I had some higher ground for the horses to pasture in during the season. But, my summer fields would not be ready if I put them out there, they would tear it up to early on and so it is what it is. Muddy Waters….isn’t there a song with that name?

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Saturday, March 16th

Nothing is better than this!

I have to ask myself if what appears to be HELP is actually a false promise with a kiss. Many horse owners are facing a trying time right now in the state of Michigan. The cost of feeding their horses are at an all time high. With round bales coming in and 100.00 plus and square bales at 8.00 plus trying to give your horses a proper amount of hay has quadrupled this year.

It is the same with us. The drought caused us to lose quite a bit of our own crop forcing us to buy hay at a much higher price. I have been getting steady emails…from Michigan Horse Collation, a nonprofit group that says they can help in a time of need.
Well for the first time ever we here at hugs reached out…..and asked for help. We stated with needed help in finding hay at an affordable price. That we would be willing to pay for the hay at a price not greater than 5.00 if MHC could help pay for the cost of getting us some hay we at a later date could even pay MHC back.

Strange….all I got in response to my query was a hop, skip and a jump. They sent me a link to Michigan hay growers out of a Michigan listing that of course we had already exhausted. It’s not like we are stupid here and cannot attempt to search the internet for hay. We have found a lot of available hay….just not at a price we can continue to meet.

I certainly hope that MHC does not count us on a list that they acknowledge they have helped during a time of need. So be careful of what you ask for….their so called HAY BANK….for us turned out to be nothing more than a list …with a good luck following it.

Thanks for nothing Michigan Horse Collation!

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Friday, March 8th

Bad Horse Drug!!!!!!

This afternoon my Peruvian Horse, LEA Apolo, died from a bad horse drug.
He was given a shot of Excede by Pfizer (antibiotic) because he had a fever.
He died instantaneously after the shot, like a heart attack with seizure.
The vet who gave the shot was in shock and struggled to keep him from
landing on me because I went down with him. She called Pfizer and they
said some
other horses had had the same allergic reaction. They are sending me $250
for my trouble.....can you imagine?

The problem is, Apolo was a one-in-a-lifetime horse and friend and only 10
years old. I could ride him anywhere and he was safe, forgiving, and
special. I cannot stop crying and will never get over his loss. I loved
him and we won many times. He was my reason for going to the barn, and I
really loved this horse. I am so grateful I had him since he was young.

Please do not use this medication in shot form. Please be aware of its
possible danger. I do not want others to suffer the pain it has brought me.

Dr. Sharon Greenleaf La Pierre
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Friday, March 1st

How to Compost a Horse Carcass (An Alternative)

This is an alternative for those of you that can not afford to dispose of your deceased horse. I am not saying this is for everyone but it is an option.

It is well understood that if you own horses long enough there will be a time when you are challenged with making the realistic decision about what to do with a deceased horse. This decision can be challenging for several reasons including: not having planned ahead and knowing your options for carcass disposal, the need to respond quickly, limited land base, equipment and cost. Having a good plan to manage equine mortality will make this situation much less stressful.

MSU Extension conducted an equine carcass composting demonstration in the past year and now has developed a bulletin entitled: Carcass Composting " A Mortality Management Option for Michigan Equine Owners. The purpose of these efforts was to help horse owners in Michigan to become aware of and understand how to utilize composting for animal carcass management, as well as to help horse owners in Michigan develop or make improvements in mortality management procedures while achieving environmental compliance with state regulations (the Michigan Bodies of Dead Animals Act (BODA), Act 239 of 1982.

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Tuesday, January 1st

Happy New Year!

It's great to know that we all survived the end of the world and the end of the year. Now all we have to do is look forward to 2013.

I have two horses that are going out for adoption this month. Hay has been hard this year with the drought and all. Round bales went from 30.00 a bale to 90.00 and the outlook doesn't get any better. These are hard times, but we are trying to do the best we can.

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday and look forward to seeing some of you this year.

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